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Personal Commissions

Interested in a custom illustration? I do individual portraits, fan art, couples and family portraits, pet portraits and more.

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Commission Terms of Service 

Below are some rules to ensure both I (Artist) and you (Client) have clear expectations for your commission. 


What you’ll be getting 

  • A digital illustration created by me

    • A physical printed copy is not included. Please let me know if you’d like it printed and shipped in which case that will cost extra. 

  • Please let me know if there’s a specific size you’d like the artwork illustrated in. The finished image will be sent in 300dpi, high quality. 

  • I do not draw NSFW images and I have the right to refuse any commission.



  1. Send me all photos, references, size specifications and/or descriptions of what you’d like me to illustrate. 

  2. Artist will create a sketch and send it to you for approval. 

    • If there are changes you’d like to be made please make them now. It will cost extra to make major changes after the illustration is colored.

    • 3 rounds of revisions are included for free, after that it’ll be $15 for additional sketch revisions. 

  3. After sketch approval, Artist will color illustration and send to you for approval

    • 3 rounds of simple revisions are included for free, after that it’ll be $25 for additional final illustration revisions

  4. Finished illustration will be sent to you via Instagram and/or email.


Artist Usage Rights

  • Artist has full rights over the artwork, including the right to post the art on my sites such as social media and my portfolio site. 


Client Usage Rights 

  • If the artwork is posted online, Client must credit Artist by tagging my account (@crider.illustrations) or linking my website (

  • Client does not have the right to claim to be the creator of the artwork 

  • Artwork must be used for personal purposes only, unless otherwise specified. Client is not allowed to sell the artwork, use for advertising, or use for any commercial purposes 

  • Artwork cannot be used for any AI training 



  • Payment will be made securely through Stripe in USD. It is to be paid in full upfront. 

  • If I have already begun to create the artwork then there are no refunds. 

  • The payment amount will be discussed before the payment link is sent. If after submitting the payment you decide you want something extra, like an additional person or complex background, then another payment will need to be submitted before I make those changes. 

Commission Interest Form

Thanks for submitting! I'll reach out within 2 business days

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